Live Stoked began as a side project by myself Manel Sousa in 2013, as a means to get my hands on some shapes I otherwise couldn’t. The thrill and potential of the craft along with the connection it built between myself and my surfing community meant that by 2017 it became my full time job. Since then, Live Stoked has continued to build boards for stoke and steez out of a humble workshop in Baleal, Portugal.

My surfboards are always made in small batches. Working this way ensures that the whole process of production is done by me and allows the acute attention and care needed to create boards of the highest standards.

I love that each shaper has a unique hand, which brings a great diversity to the art of boardmaking and consequently to surfing itself.

Live Stoked surfboards are driven by this relationship between surfer and shaper, the importance of self expression and by the richness of the roots of surfing.

To me, shaping is a personal process of the expression of thought into a blank. It is a continuous pursuit to find harmony between the curves of the board, and to develop my ideas with accuracy and consistency.

My goal is always to make surfboards that spark a desire to surf and ultimately provide you with new paths and feelings on the wave. Live Stoked strives to build boards that focus on longevity, performance and design, and of course some serious stoke!

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