Designed for trim, speed and to navigate in the tightest pockets of the wave with ease. It features a soft rolled bottom, neutral rocker, pulled in nose and tail and medium 50/50 rails. Usually is shaped a bit narrower than your traditional longboard to enhance speed and drive. The pulled in tail creates a hip that acts as a breaking point for quick changes of direction.

From 9'+

This is my take on the Wayne Lynch evolution board. Wide point behind centre, foiled out nose and tail and soft rails makes it turn on a dime with speed, making quick changes of direction and surfing in the pocket of the wave a lot of fun. Ideal for waist to overhead surf.

From 6'8''+

A classic Noserider with fuller nose and rails. It has a low entry rocker with a slight kick on the tail. Very stable on the front half, perfect for up to shoulder-high waves. Nose concave fading into a slight roll of the tail. Ideal for waist to overhead surf.

From 9'+

This pin tailed longboard features soft pinched rails a rolled bottom and more foiled out nose and tail. The wide point behind centre in combination with the pin tail allows it to turn and sit deeper in critical sections of the wave. This model is intended for everyday conditions up to head high waves.

From 9'+

A surfboard designed for longer, more drawn out surfing. The bottom front half has a slight roll to navigate through chop with ease. Followed by a panel V to flat off the tail for added drive and projection, this model excels on bigger waves, but is also super fun to ride on smaller days.

From 7' - 9'+

Seeing footage of the likes of Tom Curren to most recently Ryan Burch or Derrick Disney (amongst others) ripping on them has inspired me to make my own version of it. The fish is one of the most versatile boards to ride and a must have in any serious quiver.

From 5' 4''+

Polyola is a new company based in the north of spain. They have came up with the most ecological alternative to the standart polyurethane foam blanks. Their blanks are made of recycled materials, 100% recyclable, made in europe, they are super strong and durable too. Side cuts and dust from the shaping process can be given back to be process into more blanks. Most of my models are available in the Polyola blank for an extra 50euro charge. Please go to for more information.

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